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09th January 2011

The Site is closed

24th December 2009


Ciarán in Above Suspicion (Jan 2010, ITV), the trailer.

9th February 2009

Happy birthday Ciaran!

23rd September 2008


Ciarán in Krieg, from the book "The Irish Theatre"

23rd July 2008


Ciarán in Closer (RNT), The White Devil,
The Orphan, Observe the Sons..., and more
Thanks to Laura (ciaranhindsfansite) for sharing!
New books with photos

12th July 2008


Ciarán in Semi-Monde

Books and Theatre


1st December 2007

Sorry everybody for the delay in updating the site, but due to personal (and very good!) reasons I really don't have time to work on it. I promise I'll do my best to add new material and information, but I'll do it at my own (slow!) pace.


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We have been fans of Ciarán for over a year now, and during this time we have managed to collect almost all of his works including various materials regarding his career as an actor.
Since we know so well what an effort it was, in terms of time and money, finding the right edition of those rare films or audiobooks, we decided to SHARE our findings and help the new fans enjoy his performances.
Our wish, as huge fans ourselves, is that more and more people can get to know this fantastic actor.

Every item (film, audiobook, photo, etc.) listed we added information of the source so that if anyone desired to obtain and own a copy of any materials may do so. is a non-profit site.

If you find some information missing or would like to share some of your collection/information/news with us, please email us. We hope that every fan surfing will enjoy its spirit and...

23rd July 2008
Photo updates:
New theatre photos

10th July 2008
Photo updates:
Email from the author of the photo on P.D.'s book

8th July 2008
Theatre updates:
Many new theatre photos

2nd July 2008
Theatre updates:
Painter's Palace of Pleasure

27th June 2008
Interviews added:
The Herald Magazine interview
Riot Act and High Times
Two Shakes. Actors

11th June 2008
Interviews added:

26th April 2008
Interviews added:
Theater Talk (video)
Various interviews
Making of Jane Eyre (video)
Making of There Will be Blood



Hello and Welcome to, a fansite for this talented and irresistible Irish actor! Have fun browsing the site as we did creating it. Don't forget to e-mail us if you have anything you would lilke to contribute.

The Site is closed

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9th June 2008

Trailers and photos

New Photos added
Thanks so much to Laura!

New photos and comments.
Many Thanks to Nicole :-)

There Will Be Blood
Deleted scene added


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